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Welcome to the Truth to Joy Affiliate Program!

Elevate your practice and provide your clients with unparalleled support through our transformative therapy options. Led by Samarpini, Truth to Joy Therapy offers both a comprehensive 12- Week Process and flexible stand-alone therapies, designed for rapid and effective healing and personal growth.

Ideal for Healthcare Professionals

  • Enhance your offerings with my holistic approach

  • Suited for psychiatrists, psychologists, chiropractors, counsellors, holistic healers, and beyond.


Available for All Individuals, Couples, Families, or Groups. 

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Key Areas of Focus Include


PTSD, CPTSD, and Trauma


Depression, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD


Addiction (including prescribed mood-altering pharmaceuticals, alcohol, drugs)


Self-esteem and Relationship issues



Physical illnesses, Pre and post-operative procedures, Pain relief


Learning disorders, Weight Control, Smoking Cessation


Transformative workshops for wealth consciousness, unlocking inner success.

Why Choose Truth to Joy Therapy?

  • Tailored, holistic approach combining ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and modern therapies.

  • Quick resolution of emotional, physical, and spiritual “dis-eases.” - Specialized services like couples therapy, family counseling, and business matrix healing.

  • Group Workshops, Retreats, Transformational Courses.

Experience Before You Refer.jpg

Experience Before You Refer

Samarpini invites you to experience any of her stand-alone therapies first-hand, ensuring you can refer clients with confidence.


Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Effortless sign-up process

  • Receive a unique referral link for tracking

  • Earn automatic deposits when your referrals complete payment.

Integrate Truth to Joy Therapy into your practice for both deep, intensive support via the 12-Week Process or targeted assistance through stand-alone therapies.



Join Mission

Join my mission to transform lives and experience the fulfillment of facilitating profound healing and growth.


Earn 10% on Every Session

Join our affiliate program and earn 10% commission on every

session booked by clients you refer to us.


Share Your Affiliate Link

Simply share your unique referral link, and for every successful booking, you'll receive 10% of the session value as your commission. Start earning today by partnering with us!

Samarpini's Signature Offerings

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