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Welcome to Truth to Joy Therapy’s transformative audio and meditation collection, designed to be your personal compass on the journey to self-discovery and empowerment. My carefully crafted audios and meditations serve as your guiding light, offering profound insights and nurturing your inner growth. Explore these blueprints for Self-Love, Liberation from Fear, and the Dissolution of the Past,  and embark on a path of positive transformation that will help you unlock your fullest potential.

Blessings, Samarpini

Hypnotherapy Audios Collection

Ignite Joy and Transform Your Life

Explore this collection of Hypnotherapy Audios designed to elevate your consciousness and promote positive transformation. Whether you seek spiritual alignment, universal abundance, self-love, or freedom from fear, my audios offer a guided path to your desired destination.


Choose the path that resonates with your heart and step into the light of awareness, and a more empowered tomorrow.

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