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The 12 Week Process

Fulfills your quest for freedom, transformation and joy.  
You are more than a body and mind. 
You are consciousness.

Welcome to 
The Process

Step into a sacred transformative 12 Week Process for Healing and Transformation. Transform your identity on a cellular level. Delve into the realms of energetic healing, powerful mystical practices invoking a mind-body-spirit synergy. Rewire your nervous system to attract a showering of abundance in every area of your life. Heal trauma, and dissolve self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and patterns that have held you back.


Are you ready to move from suffering to liberation, from confusion to clarity of purpose, from the weight of pain to the lightness of presence, and from self-hatred to embracing love? Experiencing the flowering of your intelligence, this will enable you to handle all obstacles and challenges as you gain control over every area of your life. The 12 Week Process is where your journey to wholeness, inner freedom, Healing and Transformation begins.

What are the steps in the 12 Week Process? 

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Discovery involves a deep listening to your innermost self. Your limiting beliefs and negative self-image are unearthed. What emerges from The Discovery is a roadmap towards healing and transformation. This profound journey allows you to shed old patterns, overcome obstacles, and guide you towards profound personal Healing and Transformation in your life.

Through this therapy for personal growth, you begin to discover a new, empowered version of yourself. You start unleashing your potential, uncovering subconscious beliefs that have held you back from living a truly fulfilling life. This journey allows you to release feelings of unworthiness and loneliness as you connect more deeply to your authentic self. The personal growth you'll experience will transform your perspective and open new possibilities.


Using Seven Dynamic Meditations you develop courage and self-love thereby eliminating many of your pain patterns. 

You complete your Paradigm Shift  with Rapid Transformational Therapy™(RTT).  You transcend what is left of your  limitations while rewiring your nervous system. Together we continue to communicate  with your subconscious, releasing further blockages. 


We integrate all the changes that are happening by accessing the power of innate wisdom.  Through establishing communication with your organs, endocrines, body parts, we update your mind-body system.  

Relating with yourself, you relive and relieve. Completion allows overcoming challenges - freeing you from trauma, thought patterns, and past destructive behaviors through profound self-integration.


You are manifesting the reality you have dreamed of through a positive psychology approach. You have created the space within yourself that is both powerful and fertile.

What therapies are used in The Process?

Conscious Counseling™

Engage in authentic, consciousness infused counseling that addresses questions about Existence and your relationship with yourself, others, and the world while navigating life transitions. Build a trusting relationship with a counselor who has delved deep within, found answers to the mysteries of life. Be guided responsibly.

Discover the keys to unlock your inner strength, achieve your goals, and cultivate a deep sense of self-worth.

5 Layer Vedic Therapy ™

According to the Ancient Yogic Sciences there are five layers of energy in our Being. They are addressed individually for total healing. I use very specific techniques to purify each layer to raise the level of your Consciousness. 

The 1st layer manifests as the physical body 

The 2nd layer is the pranic or breath body

The 3rd layer is mental, it holds your thoughts and beliefs from this lifetime. 

The 4th layer holds your karmic body. There lies the deeply rooted thought patterns that have developed over many lifetimes.

The 5th layer is your authentic self, your essence. By uncovering this layer we reach your Bliss Layer.  When you heal and complete all these five layers, bliss or enlightenment expresses and  with it comes the ability to manifest whatever you desire.

BodyTalk™  Energy Healing

Every system, cell, and atom of the body is in constant communication with each other.

Tap into your body's innate wisdom, allow communication in the body, mind, and spirit to improve immensely.

Rapid Transformational Therapy
                            RTT ™ 

Uncover and dissolve subconscious beliefs that hinder your personal growth and well being.

Achieving life balance through harnessing the combination of neuroscience, hypnotherapy, and psychodynamics, you release emotional blocks, replacing fear and doubt with abundance and joy. You code in and wire in new upgraded beliefs, creating new pathways to a new way of being.

Dynamic Meditation Techniques & Pranayama

Through healing and transformation via meditation practices and Pranayama "breathwork", you cleanse your chakras, de-stress and generate revitalizing energy and intelligence.

Vibrational Healing 

Experience a unique sound bath that promotes a deep state of peace. Connect to the Divine.

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The 12 Week Process For Individuals And Couples 


In couples counseling through The Process, I work individually with each partner to delve deeply into their relationship with themselves, fostering healing and transformation through self-love. Through separate and joint sessions, we focus on self-awareness to break the pattern of seeing one's partner as a reflection of inner issues. This transformative process involves taking responsibility for our actions, words, beliefs, thoughts, and expectations, questioning their origin.


By aligning with our true desires and believing in our worthiness, we gain the power to make conscious choices, both rectifying past unconscious creations and shaping a more intentional future. This journey leads to a profoundly loving relationship with oneself and, consequently, with one's partner, whether they choose to stay together or apart, resulting in lasting healing and transformation.

What are the components of The Process?

What unfolds during the 12 weeks?

  • You have worked through emotionally charged issues and conflicts, identifying and addressing their root causes.

  • You have gained profound insight by exploring past and present feelings.  You are in the moment. You live in reality.

  • You take responsibility for your life. You are connected to your inner wisdom. 

  • You respond to life instead of reacting to it.

  • You are in tune with the depth and range of your emotions.

  • You are in the space of self love and have the ability to love others in a true and giving way.

  • You have compassion and feel a tremendous sense of gratitude.

  • You have achieved a state of awareness and clarity.

  • You live in authenticity and integrity.

  • You are revitalized. You have a lightness of being.

Book a free discovery session for the Truth to Joy Therapy 12 Week Process. The right time is now!


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  • What is this love I am seeking?
    Love is a cosmic energy that has the consciousness of intelligence. Love is fundamental to life. It is an expression of the divine. We feel and express love as newborn babies just because we are born as divine beings. Love comes naturally. This ability to love is causeless. It just is. It exists within us before societal conditioning suffocates it.
  • How does love manifest again?
    All the mental, physical and spiritual blockages we experience as we grow older occur because of #emotional wounding. This emotional wounding comes in the form of anger, depression, greed, self-hatred. When we work on opening up deeply hidden wounds, we uncover and dissolve negative thought patterns. As we heal, awakening in our heart chakra occurs. Then spontaneous love energy opens again to us. Once again available to us, it knows where it has to go and what it needs to do to heal. As you heal you become the lover and the beloved of yourself. The Cosmic Energy of love overflows in you. You become blissful.
  • How can conscious counseling help me in my relationships?
    It will help you: Develop deeper, stronger relationships Erase and replace dysfunctional belief systems Trust yourself and respect your decisions Learn to harness the subconscious mind Attract the right people at the right time Overcome and master your fears Succeed and achieve your goals Be the key to unconditional self love
  • What is Conscious Counseling, and how does it differ from traditional counseling?
    Conscious Counseling is a holistic approach that focuses on self-awareness, self-discovery, and personal growth. While traditional counseling often addresses specific issues, Conscious Counseling delves deeper into the root causes of challenges, helping individuals and couples create lasting positive changes in their lives and relationships.
  • How can Conscious Counseling help me or my relationship?**
    Conscious Counseling is designed to empower individuals and couples by fostering self-awareness and understanding. It helps you identify and address underlying issues, improve communication, and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Ultimately, it leads to enhanced self-growth, stronger relationships, and a more fulfilling life.
  • Is Conscious Counseling suitable for individuals or couples?
    Conscious Counseling is suitable for both individuals and couples. We offer tailored sessions to address the unique needs of each client. Whether you're seeking personal growth or improving your relationship, Conscious Counseling can provide valuable insights and support.
  • What can I expect during a Conscious Counseling session?
    During a Conscious Counseling session, you can expect a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your thoughts and feelings. We will work collaboratively to uncover underlying issues, gain clarity, and develop practical strategies for growth and improvement. Sessions may involve both individual and couples work.
  • How long does a typical Conscious Counseling program last?
    The duration of a Conscious Counseling program varies based on individual or couple needs and goals. Some clients benefit from short-term focused sessions, while others may opt for longer-term programs with a blend of other therapies. The specific length will be determined during the Discovery Call or in the initial deep dive session.
  • Is Conscious Counseling conducted in person or virtually?
    Conscious Counseling offers both in-person and virtual sessions to accommodate your preferences and needs. Virtual sessions are conducted via ZOOM, Google Meet, or Skype, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • Are Conscious Counseling sessions confidential?
    Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of Conscious Counseling. Your privacy and trust are highly respected. Information shared during sessions is strictly confidential, with rare exceptions outlined in my confidentiality policy.
  • How do I schedule a Conscious Counseling session?
    To schedule a Conscious Counseling session, please reach out to book a Discovery Session. I will discuss your needs and goals, and set up a strategy,followed by scheduling sessions.
  • What is the cost of Conscious Counseling services?
    The cost of Conscious Counseling services varies depending on the type of session, duration, and program tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us directly for detailed pricing information.
  • How can I prepare for my Conscious Counseling sessions?
    Preparing for your sessions involves self-reflection and an open mindset. Consider jotting down your thoughts, feelings, and any issues you'd like to address. Reflect on your personal goals and aspirations to make the most of your counseling experience. If you have any additional questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to support your journey towards growth, healing, and transformation.
  • Can you explain how my thoughts influence my moods and actions?
    Looping thoughts refer to repetitive and persistent patterns of thinking or beliefs that you may have about yourself, others and the world. I call this the vicious cycle. These thoughts often revolve around negative self-perceptions, fears, or limiting beliefs. They can be likened to mental loops that you get stuck in, replaying the same unhelpful thoughts or narratives over and over again. Through identifying these patterns, challenging their validity, you are then replacing them with more positive and empowering beliefs. With self-compassion and self-acceptance you are able to break free from these thought loops. The vicious cycle becomes a virtuous cycle. By changing the narrative and developing a healthier mindset, you can achieve personal growth, improved self-esteem, and a more fulfilling life.
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