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Learn how to deeply connect with your Being and become aware of who you truly are.

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Service Description

Beginner's Meditation Discover the profound benefits of meditation with our virtual beginner's session. Learn to understand the lifespan of your thoughts, practice the art of "unclutching" or witnessing thoughts, and explore the science of the mind. Samarpini will guide you through two meditative processes to help you cultivate thought awareness and inner calm. Harness the power of your breath with Pranayama techniques. Start your journey toward greater mental clarity and peace today. Join us for a transformative experience. How will meditation transform me? Meditation is the way you become in total awareness, more alive, more in love, and more present. You discover a home inside yourself, an inner knowing, clarity-- there is a dwelling inside you that is you. Nourish your Consciousness in Meditation. A revolution will happen in your inner and outer worlds. Win the revolution, claim your true “self!” Pranayama awakens the potential energy hidden in all of us. The air you breathe is Prana, “life energy”, which goes in and out. Pranayama is the exchange of energy between you and the Universe. It will take you to a higher plane of consciousness and give you a joyful experience of your true nature. Witnessing the breath increases not only self-awareness, it deeply and powerfully connects you to the source, to your higher emotions and your bliss. Pranayama will bring oxygen and healing to every cell of your body.

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