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  • 700 US dollars

Service Description

Welcome to the transformative world of BodyTalk! The BodyTalk Single Session is designed to help you achieve holistic well-being and healing. Here's what to expect: In-Depth Well-Being Form: To ensure your session is tailored to your specific needs, I'll ask you to complete a detailed well-being form. This form will provide valuable insights into your health and concerns, allowing me to focus your session effectively. Counseling Session (30 Minutes): Once I’ve received and reviewed your well-being form, I’ll spend 30 minutes in a dedicated counseling session. This is where we dive deep into your unique situation, understanding your challenges, goals, and aspirations. We believe that innate wisdom knows what it needs to heal, and this counseling session helps us connect with your inner wisdom. 3. BodyTalk Session (30 Minutes): Following the counseling session, we move into the 30-minute BodyTalk session. Whether you're joining me virtually or visiting my clinic in person, you'll experience the power of BodyTalk. If virtual, you can participate while sitting or lying down comfortably. For in-person sessions, you'll rest on a far-infrared healing table, enhancing your healing experience. The BodyTalk Experience: In a BodyTalk session, I tap into the innate wisdom within you and gather valuable information. I reestablish communication within your organs, endocrines, and body parts, leading to astonishing results. As a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, I have the unique ability to zoom in and out, addressing cellular imbalances and external factors affecting your well-being. A Nithya Spiritual Healing is available at the end of the BodyTalk Session as an add on with your permission and there is no charge. If you wish this, please email Samarpini with your request. A Blend of Wisdom: BodyTalk integrates a diverse range of wisdom, drawing inspiration from ancient Indian sages, Chinese medicine, Western medicine, quantum physics, and the insights of great shamans. This holistic approach ensures that we address the root causes of imbalances, promoting profound healing. Integration Period: At the end of the session, I will provide you with guidance on the recommended integration period before the next session is needed, ensuring that your healing journey continues smoothly. Personalized Healing: Every BodyTalk session is a unique journey, tailored to your individual consciousness. There are no diagnoses, agendas, or judgments. This allows you to receive healin

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