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Dates coming soon in 2024

  • Dates TBD for 2024
  • TBD

Service Description

To actualize self-healing through establishing an awareness of one’s own power through nurturing self love. Meditation is the best and most practical coping mechanism for handling any emotional, psychological and physiological situation we face in life with ease. We are energy beings. The energy of love and compassion towards the Self ordinarily lies dormant in our heart. In this process, our entire energy becomes centered on the self, opening up a deep meaningful connection of self love. This is realized through the energy vibration that is released during the meditation practice and within the group. The humming sound of the Mahamantra meditation activates the heart chakra revealing our original state of being: The Bliss State. High levels of dopamine are released as a natural phenomenon of human physiology. This is a deeply empowering shift in Consciousness from self-hatred to self love. This Masterclass focuses on the discovery of the authentic YOU. When you meet this truer self, you experience tremendous peace and clarity. The complicated personality you have created over time causes emotional havoc. By yielding to the more authentic self, deep healing happens. Email: samarpini@truthtojoytherapy

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