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In-Person contact for pricing.

  • 200 US dollars
  • Virtual/In-person

Service Description

BODYTALK 30-MINUTE SINGLE SESSION Welcome back to the transformative world of BodyTalk! If you've already completed your well-being form and had a consultation and counseling session with me, you're all set for this straightforward 30-minute follow-up session. Here's how it will work: Virtual Session: 1. BodyTalk Session (30 Minutes): During this session, you can comfortably sit or lie down at your chosen location. I will guide you through the 30-minute BodyTalk session, addressing imbalances and continuing your healing journey. If you wish to have additional counseling, it can be arranged for an extra investment. In-Person Session: 1. BodyTalk Session (30 Minutes): You will rest on a far-infrared healing table at my clinic, enhancing your healing experience. I will work on reestablishing communication within your organs, endocrines, and body parts, as we continue your healing journey. If you're interested in additional counseling, we can arrange it for an extra investment. The BodyTalk Experience: In this focused session, we will build on the insights gained from your previous consultation and counseling. I will tap into your innate wisdom, addressing your specific needs and imbalances, promoting continued healing. Integration Period: At the end of the session, I will provide you with guidance on the recommended integration period before the next session is needed, ensuring that your healing journey continues smoothly. Personalized Healing: As always, this session is tailored to your unique consciousness, without diagnoses, agendas, or judgments. You will receive healing in its purest form, aligned with your body's innate wisdom and needs. Are you ready to continue experiencing the extraordinary healing power of BodyTalk? Book your 30-minute follow-up session today and take the next step on your journey towards optimal well-being and balance. If you desire additional counseling, we can arrange it to further enhance your healing experience. Your body knows the way, and I'm here to support you on this ongoing transformative path.

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